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Computer Tune-ups and Repairs

As we all know, computers tend to slow down over time.  This is generally due to software problems, not hardware.   In other words, the CPU, hard drive and memory is not slowing down.  Instead, you may be using new software that has more CPU or memory requirements.  You may have adware or spyware running in the background.  You may have old programs still running even though you thought they had been uninstalled.  Your hard drive may be near capacity, causing your paging file to be minimized.  Your hard drive may be fragmented.

All of these problems can be remedied without replacing the computer.  Most of the time, a few hours spent evaluating and "cleaning up" the collection of installed and running software, will return the computer to its maximum performance.

Please send us an email or give us a call.  We are happy to help.
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