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Everybody has a network at home or at his or her place of business.  More often than not, it’s a wireless network (WIFI).  Anybody can purchase a wireless router; plug it and “Presto”, you have a working WIFI.  But when it comes to tuning that network for best performance, extending it to the far reaches of the building or controlling access to it, most people need help.

This is where the people at Webbstar can help you.  Here are some of our services:

  • Survey your existing WIFI network and produce a WIFI Signal Strength Map.  A WIFI Signal Strength Map is an easy-to-read floor plan of your building, showing the strengths of all WIFI signals (from your network and nearby networks) at each location.
  • Design and install a network (WIFI and/or Wired) for your house, building or grounds.  The network could be for a new or existing building.  It could be a complete network system or improvements to your existing network.
  • Securitize your network so that unauthorized users cannot gain access to the machines on your network.  Your network could have private AND public access points, allowing guests to access the internet from your network, but prevent them from accessing your machines (computers, gaming machines, hand helds, etc).
  • Automate access to the internet from authorized users on your network.  Automatic access control can be used, for example, to limit the time of day a child can have access to the internet (you don’t want to tell them to “get off that game” every single night, do you?).

In addition to networks, Webbstar handles all your High-Tech needs, such as:

  • A/V Systems design, specification and installation for your home.  This includes spacial design and prewiring for new construction, integration with your network equipment, complete documentation and user's guide.   We specialize in and are very impressed with Sonos equipment.
  • WIFI Thermostat installation for your home or business.  You can easily monitor and adjust your home's heating and cooling from an App.  Never arrive to an uncomfortable temperature again.  Feel security in knowing that your systems are operational while you are away.
  • Systems specification and installation for your small business.  Typically, this would include workstations, servers, backup machines, battery backup systems, applications setup and custom software. 
  • Repairs and tune-ups for PCs.  Is your PC running slow or swamped by adware popups?  You don't need a new computer.  We can fix it.
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