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Network Design

The use of simply a broadband modem and a wireless router is becoming inadequate for the networking needs of today's internet-dependant families and businesses.  The design of a proper network  is key to meeting the current needs and future expandability at any given site. A proper network is not necessarily complicated or expensive.   Some minor equipment and wiring, with a little configuration work, is often all it takes to make the network hum.

To bring a network up to speed, we sit down with our customers and evaluate their needs by:
  • determining what the network is needed for
  • determining where network access is needed
  • determining where the networking equipment can be (or is) installed
  • determining what network wiring is available or needed.
Given that information, we will do the research and present a proposal.  Some project situations require more detailed design work such as access point and other equipment locations and wiring layouts.  These usually require our 3D and 2D CAD drafting services.  Here are some examples:

Video Surveillance Design

For the more complete video surveillance systems, coverage areas are drawn to visualize what part(s) of the site are to be viewed by which camera.  These are essential to demonstrate that the design meets the requirements.  Sometimes the access points (doors) to the building are enough and sometimes the property perimeter is required.  Sometimes only a few key areas are required.  Following are some examples of the design work needed in these situations:

A/V System Design

Equipment sizing and location, rack planning and wiring diagrams are key complications which often require design work.  Following are some examples:

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