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WIFI Signal Strength Survey

The  wireless network devices (routers, access points, etc) in your network emit radio waves which your wireless devices (computers, smart phones, etc) receive.  We call this the WIFI Signal.  The stronger the signal, the faster your network is.  WIFI Signal strength varies based on many factors, such as:
  • Distance from devices (measurement from a wireless access point to a laptop)
  • Physical blockage of signals (walls, floors, furniture, etc) 
  • Radio interference (conflicting signals from multiple wireless access points)
  • Wireless access point configuration (various settings on the devices)
In order to acheive maximum performance from a wireless network, you must first quantify, or survey, the network's current performance.  This survey must include the signal strength at all locations of interest.  Once the signal strength has been measured, we examine the factors that are causing weak spots and we measure the data throughput between certain devices on the network.

Given the collective information in the survey, the network devices can then be re-configured, re-positioned or otherwise improved with additional equipment. The improved network will again be surveyed to provide a before-and-after comparison.

The survey is done via first drawing a plan (or utilizing an existing plan) of the particular building or site.  Special equipment is then used to measure and map the signal strength onto the plan.

Example WIFI Signal Strength Surveys are shown below. Green areas show strong signal strength, yellow is marginal and red is unusable.

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WIFI Signal Strength Survey - Before

WIFI Signal Strength Survey - After

These WIFI Survey maps show the before and after signal strengths of a particular floor in a residence.  Webbstar was called in to improve the signal strength on all the floors as well as the grounds.  The after map for this floor shows a marked improvement across the entire floor.  This was achieved via replacing the floor's wireless router with properly located access points.  
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