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Computing System Design and Implementation

Every business today has some form of a computing system.  Whether it be a single computer or a network of machines, proper design of the system is necessary to ensure that is meets the business needs, streamlines operations and safeguards the business data.  

To design an appropriate computing system, we sit down with our customers and collect relevant parameters, such as:
  • What is the system needed for?
  • What is the budget?
  • What equipment is already in place?
  • How many users at a given time?
  • Where will the system be installed?
  • What software will be used?
  • Is centralized data a requirement?
  • What are the data backup needs?
  • Is battery backup required?
  • Is remote access required?
  • Is a down-time limiting spare machine required?
Given that information, we will do the research,  present a detailed proposal and await approval before starting the job.  Once approved, the equipment is ordered and installation is scheduled so as not to impact your business operations.
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