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We hear it all the time:   "My kids are online into the wee hours of the night."; "If we don't intervene each day, they'll play games or chat, and skip doing their homework until it's too late."; "Without sitting in their room, we don't know if they are online playing around or doing something else they weren't expected to be doing."

Speaking from first hand experience, it sure is nice to be able to set up automatic internet access controls.  For example, suppose you have a teenager who is expected to be going to bed by 10pm on weeknights and 12pm on weekends.  And you have a 10 year old who is expected to be in bed by 9pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends.  And both of the children are expected to spend time doing their homework and other things as soon as they get home from school.  

Well, with the proper networking equipment, this can be acheived by setting up access control schedules on a device by device basis.  In other words, you could block your teenager's computer and iTouch from having internet access at such and such times during the week and some other times on the weekend.  And, your pre-teen's XBox could be blocked at some other scheduled times.  Once set up, your life is less stressful because you don't have to go around checking each day, nor do you have to worry that Grandma or Uncle Pete will enforce the same rules on the days that they watch the kids.

We can quickly tell you if your networking equipment already has this functionality built in or if you will need to replace a component to enable this.  Once the equipment is in place, we will set up the schedules and show you how to manage them yourself.

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